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Credential Abbreviations

» Provider Directory » Find a Therapist » Credential Abbreviations

The therapists listed in this directory have a wide range of credentials (academic degrees, licenses, certifications, etc.) which appear in the form of abbreviations or acronyms following the therapist's name. The list below presents some of the more common credential abbreviations and their meanings.

Academic Degrees

DDiv Doctor of Divinity
DMin Doctor of Ministry
DO Doctor of Osteopathy
DrPH Doctor of Public Health
DSW Doctor of Social Work
EdD Doctor of Education
EdM Master of Education
MA Master of Arts
MAHS Master of Arts in Human Services
MAOP Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology
MC Master of Counseling
MD Doctor of Medicine
MDiv Masters in Divinity
MEd Master of Education
MHDL Master of Human Development & Learning
MPH Master of Public Health
MPS Master of Professional Studies
MS Master of Science
MSc Master of Science
MSEd Master of Science in Education
MSN Master of Science in Nursing
MSS Master of Social Science
MSSW Master of Science in Social Work
MSW Master of Social Work
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
PsyaD Doctor of Psychoanalysis
PsyD Doctor of Psychology
ScD Doctor of Science

Licenses and Certifications

ABECSW American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work
ABFamP American Board of Family Psychology
ABPN American Board of Professional Neuropsychology
ABPP American Board of Professional Psychology
ACSW Academy of Clinical Social Workers
ADTR Academy of Dance Therapists Registered
APRN Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
ATR Registered Art Therapist
ATR-BC Registered Art Therapist - Board Certified
BCBT Board Certification in Bereavement Trauma
BCD Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work
BCDT Board Certification in Disability Trauma
BCDV Board Certification in Domestic Violence
BCETS Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress
BCFT Board Certification in Forensic Traumatology
BCIT Board Certification in Illness Trauma
BCMVT Board Certification in Motor Vehicle Trauma
BCPM Board Certification in Pain Management
BCRT Board Certification in Rape Trauma
BCSA Board Certification in Sexual Abuse
BCSCR Board Certification in School Crisis Response
BCSM Board Certification in Stress Management
BCUCR Board Certification in University Crisis Response
CAC Certified Addictions Counselor -or- Certified Alcoholism Counselor
CADAC Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor
CADC Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
CAGS Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study
CAMF Certified Anger Management Facilitator
CAP Certified Addictions Professional
CART Certified Anger Resolution Therapist
CAS Certified Addiction Specialist
CASAC Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor
CBT Certified Bioenergetic Therapist
CCADC Certified Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor
CCDP Certified Chemical Dependency Professional
CCH Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
CCHT Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
CCPT Certified Clinical Pastoral Therapist
CCMH Clinical Counselor in Mental Health
CCMHC Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor
CCSW Certified Clinical Social Worker
CEAP Certified Employee Assistance Professional
CEDS Certified Eating Disorders Specialist
CFLE Certified Family Life Educator
CGP Certified Group Psychotherapist
CHT Certified Hypnotherapist
CICSW Certified Independent Clinical Social Worker
CISW Certified Independent Social Worker
CMFT Certified Marriage and Family Therapist
CP Certified Psychologist -or- Clinical Psychologist
CpastC Certified Pastoral Counselor
CPC Certified Professional Counselor
CPLC Certified Professional Life Coach
CRADC Certified Reciprocal Alcohol and Drug Counselor
CRC Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
CSAC Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
CSW Certified Social Worker -or- Clinical Social Worker
CSW-C Certified Social Worker - Clinical
DAPA Diplomate, American Psychotherapy Association
DCSW Diplomate in Clinical Social Work
DOT SAP Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional
DTR Dance Therapist Registered
LAC Licensed Associate Counselor
LADAC Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor
LADC Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
LAMFT Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
LAPC Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
LASAC Licensed Associate Substance Abuse Counselor
LCADC Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor
LCAS Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist
LCAT Licensed Creative Arts Therapist
LCDC Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
LCDP Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional
LCMFT Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist
LCMHC Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
LCP Licensed Clinical Psychologist -or- Licensed Counseling Professional
LCPC Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LCSW-C Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical
LGSW Licensed Graduate Social Worker
LICSW Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
LIMFT Licensed Independent Marriage and Family Therapist
LISW Licensed Independent Social Worker
LISW-CP Licensed Independent Social Worker - Clinical Practice
LLP Limited Licensed Psychologist
LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LMHC Licensed Mental Health Counselor
LMHP Licensed Mental Health Practitioner
LMSW Licensed Master Social Worker
LMSW-ACP Licensed Master Social Worker - Advanced Clinical Practitioner
LP Licensed Psychoanalyst -or- Licensed Psychologist
LPA Licensed Psychological Associate
LpastC Licensed Pastoral Counselor
LPC Licensed Professional Counselor
LPCC Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
LPCMH Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health
LPE Licensed Psychological Examiner
LPP Licensed Pastoral Psychotherapist
LSATP Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner
LSCSW Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker
LSP Licensed School Psychologist
LSW Licensed Social Worker
MAC Master Addiction Counselor - also offered by NAADAC
MFCC Marriage, Family and Child Counselor
MFT Marriage and Family Therapist
MT-BC Music Therapist - Board Certified
NBCCH National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
NBCDCH National Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
NCC National Certified Counselor
NCPsyA Nationally Certified Psychoanalyst
NCSC National Certified School Counselor
NCSP Nationally Certified School Psychologist
PA Psychological Associate
PLMHP Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner
PLPC Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor
PMHNP Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
RAS Registered Addiction Specialist
RDT Registered Drama Therapist
REAT Registered Expressive Arts Therapist
RN Registered Nurse
RPC Registered Professional Counselor
RPT Registered Play Therapist
RPT-S Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor
SAP Substance Abuse Professional
SW Social Worker
TLLP Temporary Limited License Psychologist

Last Update: 3/27/2020

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